Anatomy of a botnet

Detailed explaination on how bots spread and how they are controlled by their masters.
Here we present some of the more widespread and well-known bots.
A botnet is nothing more than a tool, there are as many different motives for using.
In computer security, a vulnerability is defined as: a weakness that allows an attacker to reduce a system's information assurance.
While botnets are often named after the malware that created them, multiple botnets typically use the same malware, but are operated by different entities.

History of botnets

Online tool to track active botnets.
List of the main botnets created along the history.
There are plenty of good examples of uses for botnets, besides the malicious ones.

Botnet Countermeasures

Botnet detection deals with the identification of bots in the machine or network so that some sort of remedy can be done.
Main countermeasures against botnets.

Botnet Lab

Architecture and structure of the botnet laboratory.
Setup guide for botnet laboratory.
Adding the bot to startup and generation executables.